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Business card single sided
Logo for Northern Exchange
Logo for EYC
Logo for SAC
Logo for BTLC
Poster for Mimico Choir Christmas Concert
Poster promoting FunFair, a community school fundraiser
Posters for adidas athlete live appearances
Poster for community clean up
Poster for adidas athlete
Poster promoting fundraising auction
Poster showing all live music for the month at the club
Standing banner front & back
Retail display for adidas sneakers
Retail aisle headers for bed/bath
Retail signage redesign for Columbus Crew store in Ohio
Retail produce pricing/item signage & illustrations
Logo redesign and packaging redesign
Catalog re-design & layout
Catalog design & layout
Catalogue redesign & layout
Magazine design & layout from cover to cover
Catalogue redesign & layout
Promo postcard for online shopping
Promo piece for HD
Promo piece
Promo piece for KL camp
Promo 2 sided flyer for EYC Camp
Promo pieces for sneaker tech launch
Promo piece/log book for kids
Promo piece
Double sided promo autograph cards for adidas athletes
Magazine ad
Magazine ad
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